Features WordPress can help you with

WordPress is ordinarily a Blog site – but it is MUCH more than that. It has progressed into one of the leading Content Managed Systems in the world.

It is very Search Engine friendly through plugins such as Yoast SEO which edits the search engine result keywords to make your site more relevant.

With WooCommerce you can also sell items securely online – we can integrate with most payment providers and SSL certificate allowing visitors to pay by credit card or Paypal etc.

Social Media can easily be integrated into your WordPress site – bringing more likes and followers to your Facebook and Twitter pages etc.

Email lists can also be expanded by offering a free item in exchange for signing up for a Newsletter – allowing you to notify your subscribers of news of your business.

A wordpress site can save you time by having an events calendar with booking, appointment scheduling, reservations for hotels and ticket sales.

You can even have secure, password protected pages which can only be seen with a password given by yourself.

If any of these interest you please get in contact to discuss your requirements.