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Is your website letting your business down?

If you’re website is looking dated it can be harmful. Peoples perception of your business can take a downturn if your site looks old, static and doesn’t look good on mobiles and...

Time running out for Flash

Adobe made an announcement in 2017 that by 2020, they will no longer support the flash player plug-in. Google and Microsoft have announced that they will disable the plug-in by default in their browsers by early 2020. Some businesses still...

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Security is a big deal to anyone doing business on the web – keep your business and your customers safe with an SSL certificate. Have you ever noticed that some website addresses...

Features WordPress can help you with

WordPress is ordinarily a Blog site – but it is MUCH more than that. It has progressed into one of the leading Content Managed Systems in the world.

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